Welcome to our two Katama Hideaways! Both Beautifully Landscaped Close to Beach/Edgartown

We are in the heart of Katama and Katama will always be in our hearts! Let us show you why.

Katama 4 bedroom green in and out.
Our Gambrel Cape Cod Style Home has 4 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, an outside shower/change room, sleeps 8 and is surrounded by green lawn and colorful gardens.

Use the below Google Map to see where we are and to get directions to our homes.

Our larger  4 bedroom home located in heart of Katama, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.
And next door, our larger Cape Cod Style Home has 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, outside shower/change room, sleep 8 and comes with a separate kids playhouse "Sophie Shed" and a 2.5 car garage converted into a "Fenway Park."
Both homes near South Beach, Katama Bay, Norton Point (by 4 wheel, boat or kayak), Katama Farm, Katama  Airfield and Right Fork Diner.
Both homes are surrounded by nearby water access points to South Beach, Katama Bay and Norton Point (by 4 wheel,boat or kayak) and Katama Farm, Katama Airpark and Right Fork Diner are just down the street.
Shop, dine, tour historic  homes, lighthouse or ferry to  Chappaquiddick Island!
You can walk, bike, take the bus or drive to Edgartown Village just up the road.
South Beach has lifeguards and restrooms.
You can also walk, bike, take the bus or drive to South Beach just down the road
Or you can run to South Beach!
Or you can run to South Beach!
Edgartown has South Beach and State Beach
It's fun to play in the sand!
Katama Bay launch boat or kayak where you can go over to Norton Point.
Katama Bay boat ramp also just down the road (Norton Point pictured in background).
Katama Bay beach fun.
At the ramp you can play in the sand.
Entrance to Norton Point is a  "left fork" South Beach.
Or 4 wheel to Norton Point.
Katama Bay is protected by a  barrier beach.
Or kayak to Norton Point.
Or just hang around the compound.
Or just hang around the compound.
We appreciate your business!
We appreciate your business!

Our aim is to do our best to provide a clean, comfortable, convenient and friendly home so  you can have a great vacation!



We generally rent Saturday to Saturday. If you are interested in renting either our Gambrel, our Cape or both, using the below email form, please send your name, the number of adults/children, the available dates we have that you would like to rent and any questions you may have. We will promptly respond and once dates and rates are firmed, we will send you a lease. Upon our receipt of a  lease signed by you along with initial payment, we will block off those dates.



Thanks again for visiting our website!


Don and Kathy Welch






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